Follow Your Flow.

Like Flowing river, I change every day.

      On the empty canvas, I start by writing and drawing any thoughts comes across myself. Unconsciousness writing and drawing helps me to be centered and to find core: theme of the painting. As canvas fills up, I slowly form a spiritual connection with myself. And I write letters to my painting wishing what identity I wish to give or to hide and let go inside a painting. 

      Just like being the center of myself, my painting and I start to bond and be ready to paint together. I take a deep breath and cue the action. I scoop gel medium and drop it on the canvas, squeeze out paints on top of gel medium. By using my hands and tool, by following my flow and movement, I give birth to my canvas. Each painting becomes a creature of my memory and feeling. 

      I search for both a pure representation of myself from within and without, giving me the opportunity to explore and express new environments beyond the limits of daily life.

Artist Statement


2016           BFA Fine Art, School of Visual Arts - New York, NY

2021~23     MFA Mount Royal, Maryland Institute College of Art - Baltimore, MD



05/2019        Duplo Artist Residency, Cadiz, Spain

03/2019        Red Gate Residency, Beijing, China

04~05/2018  NES Artist Residency, Skagaströnd, Iceland

06~09/2017  Gallerie 102, Berlin, Germany

04/2017        Cerdeira Village, Lousã, Portugal

01/2017        Compeung, Chiang Mai, Thailand




2021     Serendipity, Factory Gallery – Seoul, Korea

2021     Delightful Agony, Becky Gallery – Jeonju, Korea

2021     Naïve Dreams, Art Sppace Kimyo – Seoul, Korea

2020     Acceptance, Factory Gallery – Seoul, Korea

2019     Relationship_Wabisabi, CY Art Speace – Seoul, Korea 

2019     Follow your Flow, Gallery Ilho – Seoul, Korea

2019    Portrait of you, H Contemporary Gallery – Seungnam, Korea

2019    Silhouette of Surroudings, Space Ryu, Gyunggido, Korea

2018    Portrait of mind, SeoJin Art Space  - Seoul, Korea

2017     Love Yourself Be Yourself, Alternative space Noon  -  Suwon, Korea




2021     Creative Destruction, Ban social club – Incheon, Korea

2021     One Wall, Two Wall, Floor, Riggs and Leidy Gallery – Maryland, USA

2020     Colors of Memory, Yoonion Art Space – Seoul, Korea

2020     Ban Social Club, Ban social club – Incheon, Korea

2020     Colours of Memory, Art Space Kimyo – Seoul, Korea

2019     Guang Zhou Fall Art Fair, Canton Exhibition Hall – Guang Zhou, China

2019     Chihada Art Fair, Frottage Gallery – Seoul, Korea

2019     Present on May, Leesu Gallery – Seoul, Korea

2019     Design Fair 2019, Seoul Art Center – Seoul, Korea

2019     Maslow’s dream, Austrian Residence – Beijing, China

2019     Open Studio, Red Gate gallery – Beijing, China

2019     Dreaming future, Gallery ilho – Seoul, Korea

2018     Seoul Art Show, COEX exhibit hall A – Seoul, Korea

2018     SEEA, Seungnam Art Center – Gyunggido, Korea

2018     DaeJeon International art fair, DaeJeon Expo-  DaeJeon, Korea

2018     NES Alumi Exhibition, Deiglan Gallery – Akureyri, Iceland

2018     The look of New Media, Young Art Gallery-  Seoul, Korea

2018     Opið hús, Nes Residency  -  Skagastrond, Iceland

2018     Artist Statement#3, CICA Museum  -  Gimpo, Korea

2018     World Fair Exhibition, Canton Museum of Art,  -  Ohio, USA

2017     Color, CICA Museum  -  Gimpo, Korea

2017     Temporary Identity, Galerie102  - Berlin, Germany

2017     Nothing New Under the Sun, Astudio2352  -  Seoul, Korea

2017     Just like yesterday, Compeung   -  Chiang Mai Thailand

2016     Vague Name of Time, Rabbithole  -   Brooklyn, NY

2016     SVA Open Studio 4-17, School of Visual Arts - New York, NY

2016     Glitches in the Grass, Rabbithole  -   Brooklyn, NY

2016     One consciousness, BronxArtSpace - New York, NY

2015     Hi Res/LoRez, SVA Flatiron Gallery  -   New York, NY

2014     DIG, The Firehouse Space  -   Brooklyn, NY



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